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Update on the bees

My husband and I finally managed to check into all our beehives. A couple didn't make it, probably queen issues. But the rest are looking full and strong. We feed sugar water to the ones who need an extra boost to get ready for the winter. The hives have become somewhat scattered around the farm so keeping an eye on them is a bit of a challenge. There are plans for a more centralized beeyard in the near future. One that can be reached when the roads are muddy! Of course, an electric fence has to be set up as well. We haven't had any bear problems this year so far, but they have been spotted around.

We are selling honey at the local farmer's markets. In Danville, VA on Saturdays and in Chatham on Tuesdays. And we will have some cinnamon creamed honey ready by Tuesday. I apologize for running out and not having any on hand for the folks who came looking for it. We will be setting up a table on Saturday, Sept. 17 at the Climax Sorghum Festival. Stop by to say hello.

And just to boost my ego, this week already I have received two phone calls from stores interested in stocking some of Betsy's Bee Stuff. Word is getting out that we have some awesome stuff!

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