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How sweet it is.

The nectar is flowing like crazy this spring.  Having 5 acres of crimson clover didn't hurt either.  Last check the hives were filling up with honey just waiting on the bees to cap it off. Red buds, clover, blackberry and tulip poplar provided the majority of the nectar.  We saw bees on our aunt's turnip salad patch, our blueberries and other assorted flowers.  Pretty soon the sour wood trees will be blooming and we are planning to move some hives to take advantage of that. 

The bees have also been busy making more bees and we have a surplus of hives if you are interested in trying your hand at beekeeping.

I am very thankful for the anti-Itch stick.  The tics have been horrible. If it hadn't been for the anti-Itch lotion, I would be one big insect bite.  The lotion not only makes the itch go away it also heals the bite quicker.

There would be pictures of the bees and all the wonderful honey they are making but I'm so fascinated by them I forget to get the camera out!

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